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The Gut & Viscera

Proper sleep, nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle are all important to maintain a healthy gut. And while PT may not impact these areas directly, manual therapy can be effective in treating the tissues that surround the intestines and nearby organs. Like muscles, organs should be able to move and glide amongst their neighboring structures. However, pregnancy, chronic or acute stress, prolonged sitting postures and even scars from surgeries can impact their ability to function optimally.


“It takes a village” to address a healthy gut microbiome requiring the assistance of medical specialists and nutritionists, finding the right balance on the insides with the outsides of your intestines and organs can help promote a healthy environment. It is always encouraged to seek a consult with your physician first if you are suffering from any pain or change associated with these areas.





  •  ​Visceral mobilization for infertility/ constipation/ GI related disorders/ dysmenorrhea/ menstrual cramps

  • Barral Institute and Upldedger Institute: Upldedger I, NM I, Visceral Mobilization I,  APTA pelvic floor visceral 

  • Acid reflux – coughing / burping

  • Post-partum visceral mobilization to restore mobility and motility of bladder/ uterus 

  • Post-surgical scar release as this impacts gut mobility

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