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When I first met Flora, at 27 years old I was on the brink of accepting that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I had been down a long, grueling road at trying to relieve my severe TMJ and all the complications that manifested throughout my body to compensate for it. Flora very compassionately gave me hope, and has slowly unwound me from head to toe (literally). As someone who lived in incessant pain for nearly a decade, and saw a revolving door of practitioners who took me to the same dead end, the fact that I can now sit still and realize "wow, I don't feel that tension anymore" is a miracle. I have Flora to thank for that. She has had such an impact on my life that she required no introduction to my family when I invited her to my wedding. I am so grateful we found each other!

- Paolina H.



Flora is simply magic. She is my first and only recommendation when a friend or family member shares with me that they have pain in their body. I know, without a doubt, Flora will not only get to the crux of the issue, but she will do so with warmth, compassion, and respect.

- Amanda K.


I’ve been suffering with chronic pain for years and have been to more doctors than I can count. None of them were able to explain why I was experiencing pain or offer helpful solutions. In my first session with Flora, she was able to point out where my pain was originating from and I felt genuine relief for the first time after walking out of her office. She not only helps me in the office but provides me with exercises to do at home that really make such a difference. Can’t thank her enough!

- Rachel H.



Flora Cohen is one of the best physical therapists I have ever had the privilege to work with. One aspect that makes her practice unique is the care and time she devotes to listening to her patients. This approach allows her to personalize a treatment plan for optimal results in alleviating the physical issues you may suffer from. She is truly gifted in her field and I am so lucky that I found her. Flora has helped me solve longstanding issues with TMJ and vertigo, attaining the relief I never thought possible. I have referred
other patients who have been equally benefited by working with Flora, and imagine she could do the same for you!

- Elena N.

I liked how Flora Cohen took the time to look at my whole body while I told her my story. She looked at what I considered to be my problem areas (jaw, face, neck and shoulders) and also took the time look at my overall body analyzing how I stood, sat, walked as well as the range of motion I had all over my body. She explained her plan and then she started working on my tongue, jaw and cranial bones as well as my muscles trying to stretch and loosen them up to improve their flexibility. After seeing Flora a handful of times, I could feel a decrease pain and a slight improvement in range of motion. After a month or so, I no longer had sharp shooting pains in my face and had significantly improved my range of motion. I've been seeing Flora regularly now for 4 months and she has worked on most of my body - including my feet! I like how she scans my body every time I see her in order to gauge what is tight and misaligned and how she can improve it. Overall my body feels more relaxed and my posture has also improved. She's also taught me to be more self-aware to better detect my pain triggers. Flora is friendly and knowledgeable and I am convinced that her work has been the biggest factor in helping reduce my overall pain. I wish I had met her years ago!

- Nathalie G.

"My initial visit with Flora made me feel that I had finally met the right person who could help me. Her assessment involved the most comprehensive history taking and exam that I have ever experienced. She asked about things no other healthcare provider had asked about. She took all aspects of my life and health history into account and put all the pieces together. She provides treatment of the whole patient and not just one body part. Her treatment skills are excellent and I have been truly amazed at my progress under her care. She is able to identify areas of muscle and nerve tension and work to release these areas effectively, unlike any other therapist I have met. She really understands the pelvic floor and how everything is connected, which is a quality not all therapists possess. There have been many times I showed up to my appointment feeling awful, and left feeling great. She has also provided insight in regards to nutrition and stress management, and always implements a very holistic approach.  I feel better than I have felt in 2 years and I am finally getting back to doing the things that I love. I am forever grateful for the exceptional care that Flora has provided and I very highly recommend her."

- Danielle S.

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